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Developed and released many software and games since junior high school. He has also been published in magazines. As a university and graduate student, he researched and wrote nearly 20 papers on security education and machine learning, and received many student incentive awards.
His experience includes design/construction/operation of networks and infrastructure, and design/implementation/operation of software, applications, and games.
On the other hand, he has also served as a lecturer at security seminars and provided problems for hacking events (CTF). He has won many awards at technical events.
中学生の頃からソフトウェアやゲームを開発して多数リリース。雑誌掲載なども。 大学/大学院生時代はセキュリティ教育や機械学習などについて研究し論文を20本近く執筆、学生奨励賞受賞多数。 ネットワークやインフラの設計/構築/運用、ソフトウェアやアプリ、ゲームなどの設計/実装/運用などを経験。 一方、セキュリティセミナーの講師やハッキングイベント(CTF)への問題提供なども歴任。技術系イベントでの受賞歴多数。 趣味はスノーボード、ジャグリング、3Dモデリング、イラストや漫画制作、ピアノ、フィギュア製作など。